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As a nonprofit organization, we offer programs that foster experiential learning in nature. We are guided by the values of responsibility, courage, cooperation, and compassion in our work and in our programs.
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Cooperation, compassion, courage, and responsibility are values we promote throughout our activities.
We are all better than we know. If only we can be brought to realise this, we may never be prepared to settle for anything less.
Kurt Hahn, Co-founder of Outward Bound

High professional standards

The courses follow the highest standards of Outward Bound International. The course is taught by instructors with multiple-year experience and all the necessary technical skills. Yes, some have climbed Mount Everest!

Character strengthening

Managing unpredictable situations during multi-day outdoor programs. Challenge yourself, gain confidence in your abilities, and learn how to work with others. Unleash your inner boundaries and move them!

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