„You feel fulfilled, proud and satisfied with yourself. That is important.“

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17/07/2017 /
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– Impression of participant on Outward Bound program – „Summer Adventure in Lika“

June in Outward Bound Croatia is reserved for “Summer Adventures” which are an excellent option for children to spend part of the summer holidays in a quality setting and learn more about their abilities, personal responsibility and teamwork and gain new friendships and beautiful memories. During the program, we work especially to encourage creativity of children and young people.

The program is funded by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

Experiences and impressions of participant are the best way of describing positive influence of Outward Bound programs on children and young people.

Here you can read letter from participant who attended Outward Bound program  – „Summer Adventure in Lika“ held in Veliki Žitnik from 16th – 23rd of June.

„This is the 2nd time that I participated in Outward Bound program and I believe that everyone that still can and has the opportunity should apply to an Outward Bound program.

This organization, besides teaching us about nature and how to survive in it, helps us develop many personal skills and improve our physical abilities that can be used later in life after the program.

 During a lifetime we spend approxmately 12 years in a school. Outward Bound is a school for life that doesn´t even last 12 months but teaches us how to appreciate everyday small things, teaches us many new different skills, improves existing and developes newly gained competences.

Making a fire, building a bivouac, cooking outdoors, communication with other people, making knots, rock climbing and repelling, abseiling, orientation with compass and map .. are all part of what you go trough and experience during an OB program.

It´s a week or more, when one with their body and mind, completely liberates himself from bad thoughts and everyday problems, gets out of his comfort zone and discovers new and unexplored ways. And what is most important for all of us, you aren´t alone in these challenges. There are always friends from your group on which you can lean on (literally in some moments) and the instructors that don´t allow tears, that heal the wounds and make us laugh.

Outward Bound program is a magical journey through the wilderness even when you can´t take shower for 4 days, when you have scarce amounts of water and food, when you walk in the forest for 15 kilometres discovering new paths and searching for dry wood for the fire.

When some time passes and the first impressions settle, you realize through what you have been through and how much things you have done that maybe you would have never had a chance to try in life.

You feel fulfilled, proud and satisfied with yourself. That is important.

Neither the instructors neither the group are responsible for your experience.

You are the creator of your own experience, and if you will enjoy it, depends only on you.

So you just need to relax, not think too much and give 101% of yourself to the nature and everything you do, so you can feel and experience the maximum of the magic and power of this wonderful journey through our forests.“

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