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Sail with us!

Not all outdoor activities done by Outward Bound Croatia are done on a solid ground! Both sea and rivers are a part of nature that surrounds us and we often use them during our programs. To additionally motivate the personal development of our fellow participants, we are trying to “shake” them a bit in various ways. One of them includes taking them off the solid ground.

KajakKayaking is an outdoor activity in the open for which we need a bigger surface of open waters and, of course, a kayak! Kayaks differ from the rest smaller or bigger boats by its size and hull shape. To gain on speed, that is, lightness of rowing, a kayak has a pretty narrow hull which gives him less resistance of water. That results in more speed for the same amount of energy than on a different boat.

Other effect of this hull shape is relatively less stability than in the other shapes of the size. A this is what makes kayaking somewhat a bigger challenge then classical sailing, and what helps us to get the participants out of their zone of comfort. Teamwork is something that is also improved by this activity.

As kayaks are mainly built for two persons, a great deal of co-operation and good communication is needed for its passenger to keep their heads above the water. This is certainly another method with which we wish to inspire our participants in team work and strengthen their potential. On the other side, kayaking, as many other activities we use in our programs, is unknown to the most people and just the opportunity to try it makes it very attractive.

Safety first!

Kayaking always comes as a sort of a sugar topping at the end of the expedition, when the team has bonded and more prepared for challenges. Our instructors are experienced on water as they are on the land, keeping the participants secured and safe throughout their adventure!

Grab the paddles!

The team of Outward Bound Croatia believes that every one of us is the captain of his ship and can guide it through the toughest of the storms. Great waves are here to challenge us and that we can rise from them stronger and more aware of our actual capabilities.

So don’t be afraid! Take those paddles into your own hands and sail with us to new adventures and unforgettable experience!

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