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Sport climbing

Tamara Lipnjak /
12/10/2015 /
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Vertical experiential learning

Among various outdoor activities used by the Outward Bound Croatia to pass on new skills and knowledge, and to raise self-awareness of one’s own capabilities – is sport climbing. Sport climbing differs from classic climbing in a way that it is not using classical mountaineering climbing equipment, but only the one to prevent possible falls.

Likewise, in sport climbing the supports are pre-set and fixed on shorter distances, ensuring greater safety of the climb.

Climbers ingenuity and naming routes

Interesting fact is that every climbing route has its name, which is given by the climber who climbed it first (also, there are several scales of the climbing difficulty). The first climber also assigns route’s difficulty level and posts it on the climbing database (digital or paper). Do climber really have a sense of humour and ingenuity, you can check yourselves.Sportsko penjanje oprema i sigurnost

Safety – top priority of every Outward Bound Croatia program

Safety comes first on our programs and every participant / climber is secured with all standard safety measures used by the sport climbing community.

Rock (sport) climbing is something completely new to the most people and they have to take a real leap of faith into unknown and, seemingly, dangerous. This is where the mind opens up to learning new knowledge and skills and where we become better aware of our own capabilities.

Sport climbing in Lika

Near our educational centre in Veliki Žitnik, near Oteš and in the area of Kuk Čelina, in the pristine nature, there is a sport climbing rock. The rock has 15 routes of sport climbing, offering more than enough options for new and unexperienced climbers and those who want to challenges their so-far acquired skills.Penjanje lika

Conquer your fear and expand your limits

As in other Outward Bound activities, through sport climbing we will show that your limits are further than you thought and that you can achieve what you previously considered impossible! We assure you that your newly gained capabilities will help achieve new possibilities in all aspects of your life!

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