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Grga Cipek’s experience

Outward Bound is really something unforgettable. The things you learn, the people you meet and the skills you acquire are hard to forget. OB is awesome!
Grga Cipek, 16-year-old student, Zagreb
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I liked to observe how our students are changing while being in new situations, how they help and support each other. I would like to see this approach implemented in regular school curriculum.
Professor, Architectural Technical School Zagreb
Students are generally totally delighted, first of all with meeting new people with whom they became friends, so that immediately upon returning they formed a facebook group, and now regularly communicate.
I would recommend the program precisely because of the number of skills we gained here, such as responsibility, self-awareness and teamwork, that we do not develop in our everyday life. What I liked the most was realising the importance of teamwork, and what are my abilities and fears. I learned in practice the meaning of the verb 'empower'
The participant of the 8-day program
I would recommend this course to everyone, because it's such an aberration from everyday life that you have to get out of this experience as a changed person if you embrace all the challenges given. I would definitely describe myself now, after the training, as more in tuned with myself and who I actually am.
The participant of the 8-day program
Climbing was the best part for me becausue I find it cool how you have to believe in others and in yourself. What I liked least was the fact that we did not stay long enough to see and try more things. I learned that we should help each other and have confidence in people around us.
The participant of the 8-day program